1. Sir Jigger II

    Class of 2025 (2025 HSC CHAT)

    A page to communicate with others graduating in 2025 or completing HSC in 2025
  2. M

    Is HSC Business Studies Worth It

    Does Business Studies actually help you understand business and how to apply it in the real world?
  3. S

    2022 Year 12 Textbooks - Almost new for sale

    Hi there I’ve got these 2022 Year 12 Textbooks - Almost new for sale for a very low cost. Originally purchased over $500 worth (nuts I know). Most of these are over $75 each in Sydney. Postage flat price $10 Australiawide - Maths Standard Bundle (2 books) =$40 - Business text = $20 - Legal...
  4. N

    Difficult question which involves a geometric series

    I'm finishing off holiday work assigned to me before school starts back and I find myself stuck on this question all the time: "In any GP, let Rn = T(n + 1) + T(n + 2) + ... + T(2n). Show that Rn:Sn = r^n:1, and hence find r if R8:S8 = 1:81" This is how the question is printed in my textbook...
  5. S

    2020-HSC chat

    Feel free to discuss anything in this thread (about the HSC of course) :)