1. souli

    What are your thoughts on ChatGPT?

    Arguably the new and improved quillbot. Ask any question and it gives you an answer. No plagiarism because it independently generates. Godsend? Wolf in sheep's clothing? Personally, I use ChatGPT for only the most tedious questions in my economics and english advanced essays on Gatsby that I...
  2. S

    2022 Year 12 Textbooks - Almost new for sale

    Hi there I’ve got these 2022 Year 12 Textbooks - Almost new for sale for a very low cost. Originally purchased over $500 worth (nuts I know). Most of these are over $75 each in Sydney. Postage flat price $10 Australiawide - Maths Standard Bundle (2 books) =$40 - Business text = $20 - Legal...
  3. N

    Difficult question which involves a geometric series

    I'm finishing off holiday work assigned to me before school starts back and I find myself stuck on this question all the time: "In any GP, let Rn = T(n + 1) + T(n + 2) + ... + T(2n). Show that Rn:Sn = r^n:1, and hence find r if R8:S8 = 1:81" This is how the question is printed in my textbook...
  4. S

    2020-HSC chat

    Feel free to discuss anything in this thread (about the HSC of course) :)