1. B

    Edutest results & transferring high schools

    Hi guys, So I went through the process to try and transfer high schools this year and I did the Edutest exam earlier this year. I put down JR and Baulko down (quite adventurous of me I know) and sent my application through with a vast amount of certificates from both extracurricular and...
  2. A

    Fort Street and Girraween Portfolios, Reports and extra cirriculars

    As someone who went to fort St and knows several people who came in in yrs 8-10 I can confirm that it is a competitive process. You will have to hand write an essay on a topic of the school's choosing in addition to providing your reports. I believe an interview is also involved. Remeber that...
  3. wzsmartypants

    2021 Year 9 application

    Hi all! I came to Australia from overseas in October 2019 and is currently trying to apply for a selective school for year 9. I only have one report which is from semester 1 2020. I'm currently in Leichhardt High but not the selective stream. I am an Australian citizen. My school choices are 1...