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Sep 19, 2009
Hey, I've submitted to study a unit at Usyd this semester and have been approved and enrolled that unit. I have yet to register for the course. I emailed ask.mq asking what I should do to ensure that I am credited for the course.

The response was:

'If you did not receive pre-approval for an exemption for the unit which you are undertaking at the University of Sydney, you will need to provide us with the original or certified copy of your transcript from the University fo Sydney so that we are able to grant you general credit. Once you have been granted general credit, you will then need to take another certified copy of your transcript to an exemption officer to receive an exemption for the unit which you completed concurrently. If you have received pre-approval for an exemption and you have provided us with this pre-approval, then you will need to submit your transcript to us and we will be able to load your exemption for you.'

Does this mean that I enroll in the course at Usyd and not tell Mq, then after I complete the unit I take my transcript to the right people at Mq and have it added to my degree?



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Feb 1, 2008
What the reply states is that if you wish to have your USYD credit count towards a specific MQ degree requirement (that is, replace an MQ unit specifically required by your program of study) you must first be exempted from that MQ unit.

If you have not had this exemption pre-approved, it will be a 2 stage process to have the credit for your USYD unit count towards your program of study:

1- You must provide documentation of the USYD unit, the credit from which will then be tacked on to your degree as 'general credit'. At this stage the USYD credit does not fill any specific requirement of your program of study. This means that it does not 'count' in terms of fulfilling your degree requirements, it's just an added extra.

2- Once you have received this general credit, it must then go through the process of replacing a specific MQ unit requirement so that it may 'count' towards your degree. In order for this to happen, you must first be made exempt from that specific MQ unit. You will need to make an application to an Exemptions Officer, who will decide whether your USYD unit can suitably replace a required MQ unit. If the Exemptions Officer exempts you from the requirement of an MQ unit, your USYD unit can then be used in its place. In this way it now 'counts' towards your degree and is no longer simply tacked on.

So in answer to your question, basically yes.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that if you choose not to consult with MQ prior to taking your USYD unit, there isn't necessarily any guarantee that the Exemptions Officer will grant you exemption. If you fuck up and pick a unit at USYD which does not adequately replace any of your MQ requirements, it is unlikely that your USYD unit will be able to 'count' towards your degree. You can bypass this whole scenario by seeking pre-approval.
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