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  • Opthamologist said I'll be completely fine by the weekend :D I do have glasses, but they're very strong, and I can see distances with them, but can't read, or see anything printed with them (i usually wear glasses when I read even if I'm wearing contacts but I can't exactly wear reading glasses on top of my contact replacement glasses) lol

    You could pretty much be a one man band with all the instruments you're interested in/know how to play :p
    scratched my eye quite seriously while putting contacts in haha (I've actually been wearing them for about 10 years and this is the first time i've scratched myself, so I guess that's not too bad)

    do you play anything else apart from guitar? reminds me that I should pick up my sax again these hols, it's been quite a while...

    I love seinfeld btw, when it finished I started on Friends, and since that's finished, I've had to move onto How I Met Your Mother, but it's really not the same :(

    i have no idea what the Hague reference is though :confused:
    hey james :)

    hurt myself so haven't been able to do 2 of my uni exams = pushing them back = i'm still going to be in exam mode for another 2 weeks at least :( BUT EU camp start on Mon, which I'm very much looking forward to!

    what's up with you?
    who the fuck are you =|!

    hsc 2009? and knows me by that name? i have no idea who the shit you are =\
    not really. If you're part of a bible study group, it's in faculties, to make things easier. I guess that would seem like you're segregated by degree. But it's not exclusive. I'm leading a science faculty group (we have people who do med science/science/health science/psych degrees), but in an arts senior group.

    when it comes to bigger events, like public meetings (talks) and camps, that's with EVERYONE across the whole uni. even people from the other campus'.
    No, I am not a dice person. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a person at all.

    All I want is to be normal :(
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