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    I want to repeat year 11

    Second this, even if you fail the HSC it's better moving on with life rather than losing another year.
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    I want to repeat year 11

    You're not that screwed, plenty of time before Trials to improve on things.
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    Is Ngo and Sons English good?

    NGO and SONS is pretty good for english, the teachers help a lot and their feedback service is amazing. If you are too scared asking questions in class that might be a problem otherwise I'd say its actually good.
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    Chemistry depth study

    Not helpful as I haven't done any depth study.. yet, but did your school provide you with a template or did you create that by yourself (from scratch)? Thanks!
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    Playstation 5

    Yeah honestly PC gaming is more of the hype nowadays.
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    Playstation 5

    Kinda feels like the hype of consoles have died out.. it doesn't receive as much hype as it did like from the early 2000s, is it just me or did I just grow up.
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    Importance of reading

    Not really , it had no correlation I reckon. It might improve your vocabulary by a bit but you can do that by memorizing lists of vocabulary.
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    HSC Physics vs HSC Chemistry

    I feel like the actual problem solving questions will just make the exam easier than the current ones we are getting but Idk. People are just going to treat Physics as another math then, brute forcing exercises.
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    Getting into selective high school 2021 year 11 entry

    Tbh kinda true, Science is hard to master. If you look at even the top 30 schools, only a fraction of the population Band 6's in Physics and Chemistry, most people resort to tutoring, whereas for MX1/MX2/English the percentage is much higher and a large amount of students Band 6 in those. An E4...
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    How can I improve my maths and how do I know "you are correct".

    Any textbook recommendations for 4U and 3U? Also damn.
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    How can I improve my maths and how do I know "you are correct".

    Also where were you ranked internally at your school for MX1 and MX2
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    How can I improve my maths and how do I know "you are correct".

    Damn you killed maths, would you say you were naturally good at it?
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    Difficulty of the new syllabus

    English can disagree