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  • Hi. If you're online by then, the BoS Fags are having a meetup on the 17th of April (this Saturday) at 2 Pm by the QVB, Near the statue and the dog fountain. If you don't know any of us personally, wear a red T-shirt, so we can spot you out easier. Hope you can make it :]
    Hey where did you do your driving test? I just failed my first at wetherill park, mainly for parallel park and not looking at blindspots 7x. Had a very biased tester, even accused me of driving to RTA by myself, ridiculous!
    ima copy paste this msg to everyone who gave me rep because I just found about the reputations page :O
    Thanks yo
    dear mr aeriff
    i can't think of anything to rhyme with your name so you don't get a limerick.

    but hey there :)
    Ah I got 91.95 and was stoked with that. I had mentally prepared for any scenario but was fortunate to exceed my own expectations. Still though, I stand by the statement that one's intelligence can't be measured by one four digit number.

    And as happy as I was that day, it had nothing on the DT gig. The last time they came out was the day before I started year 11, and I thought day 1 of year 11 was important enough to miss DT for. No joke, biggest regret of the past 2 years lol. Waiting 10 hours for this gig was my way of making up for missing last time.
    Haha DT FTW, my friend! I went Sydney gig, first person in queue, was there 10 hours almost. Was front row right in front of John Petrucci. Greatest night of my life, even better than HSC results or ATAR night.
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