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  • I do 1 Unit Religion. The essay was surprising. But it was similar to a year 11 assessment which I aced so it was actually okay. How about you? How was 2 Unit Religion?
    Yes. English - Paper 1 on Wednesday 21st October and finish with Chemistry on Monday 2nd November. Can't wait until 12:30pm 2nd November 2009 (end of Chemistry exam). And yourself?
    I plan to do 'something with numbers' (unintended pun) or music. I would like 98.5 as my ATAR but realistically I think 90-95 would be nice.

    What about yourself?
    Trials are Week 3. Scared and underprepared. We'll see how I go. Good luck with your exams and the like. Would I be able to have a read of your Extension 2 English major?
    The HSC is okay. I'm not too confident going into trials in a few weeks but I'm also not freaking out just yet.

    How's the HSC going for you?
    Just got an EeePC. 1000HE.

    only just came out.
    a whopping 9.5 hours battery life.

    its so pretty. i called it hannelore.
    i killed it. coz it went rawr and sent me like 10000 emails a day.

    how are you, lovely?
    ive missed you.
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