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    Mod B standard english question

    Mod B questions can be specific to the text (eg discuss THEME and how the composer uses it to show MEANING). Your best bet is going through old trial questions.
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    linking sentences

    Restate your point of the paragraph and directly answer the question.
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    No worries! Trust me when I say that one assessment means literally nothing, especially since you are only in Y11! Don't let one poor assessment define your own ability and knowledge, you ARE good at maths and your previous results clearly show that! Moving schools is a massive change, so don't...
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    Trials discursive help

    No quotes, quotes from prescribed texts aren't necessary since you aren't analysing. The point of the reflection is to show you understand what makes that text good, and how you are able to use those techniques in your own work. All you need to know are the main purpose/meaning of each text and...
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    Trials discursive help

    Yep, I drew from a few different texts to talk about different techniques and elements that I used. I think I talked about 3 in detail (short para each) and then briefly mentioned techniques from a few other texts.
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    Hey don't stress about it! Something similar actually happened to me lmao. I moved to a top 10 selective school and I flunked my first Extension English exam (I got like 60% lol). Obviously covid wasn't a problem for me since this was 2 years ago but it was not a great mark and I was really...
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    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    The syllabus is what you need to look at and study off, they can only ask you questions from there! Write notes/essays if needed or do lots of practice questions. What subjects do you do?
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    should I do extension 2?

    Both subjects are difficult and require a lot of time. I would personally not recommend Eng Ext 2 (I did it last year lmao) but here are my own experiences. Pros: Genuinely a really fun subject since you get to write about WHATEVER you want and do WHATEVER you want to do You get 1 whole unit...
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    Trials discursive help

    Advanced eng
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    Trials discursive help

    Yes, absolutely! You always need to link about how you utilised the stimulus in your piece and make sure that the purpose and meaning is clear and derived from the source (otherwise your piece will be considered 'off topic' and you will lose marks)! Be sure to explain what your...
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    subject selection for yr11. im confused out of my mind.

    I did triple science in Y11 (dropped Phys in Y12) and it really isn't more work lol, I also did modern and arguably modern history was more work than a single science so I would argue that doing 3 sciences is not any more work than most other subjects! For real, just pick what you enjoy and your...
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    Trials discursive help

    1. Around 800 words in total is fine for a Mod C piece (but aim for about 300 words less than what you would normally write for an essay) 2. No, it is better to draw upon a few to show that you have understood these texts. Again, it is the quality of analysis and references not quantity but...
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    will year 11 content be tested in the hsc?

    For bio, yes and no. No the content will definitely not be tested (but all of Y12 bio is based on an understanding of Y11 content) so as long as you understand the principles you will be fine. The skills from Y11 may be tested, but it's more like carrying over your knowledge and applying it for...
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    the impact of the Bolshevik consolidation of power, including the creation of the USSR.

    Explain the factors within the Soviet Union that allowed for the Bolshevik consolidation of power. More specific topics will ask for a specific event, eg "How did the fall of the Romanov dynasty lead to the Bolshevik consolidation of power".