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  • Bio in Focus HSC still available? Pm me where you do pick ups. If its somewhere in the south western sydney region that would be great =)
    fingers crossed for you too xD
    yea results DID come out =]]] im very happy with them, however cud have done much better in english lol =S
    haha thanks for the faith =]]]
    OMG thats so cool ur aiming for it too!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! ima sure with enuf commitment u have a very strong chance of getting in xD ...why are u so worried about the marks, from reading ur posts u seem like a very intelligent person =S
    lol thanks =]]] , ima always nervous about that type of stuff tho lol =S
    and ye good guess xD how did u know?? r u aiming for it too??? =]]
    :eek: ur a 'younger student' too !! =[[[ but lol ur right, u dun hav to worry about that AT ALL for anotha year xD xD
    awwwww ty ty ty for the luck !!! =]]] surprisingly i also need i too lol, interviews are something i have never really excelled at =S and i gotta get thru a whole bunch of them =[[[ lol
    awwwwwwwwww the first assessments =[[[ lol. but yea i guess it wudnt really be the HSC if it wasnt hard and EFFING stressful =P
    hehehe yea it was DAMN GOOD to finish xD ,,,,i had been cramped up in a room for nigh on 3 months and FINALLY i have FREEEEEEDOM xD xD , however the fact that im not 18 yet drastically limits the things i can do lol (unless im bothered to try and be sneaky ;) lol)

    but good luck for the remainder of ur assessments xD xD xD
    hello hello aimhigh10,,,,been a long time since i spoke to u on the forums lol

    how's HSC treatin ya??? xD .....btw i must say MIGHTY FINE subjects u got there =]]]
    Hey. Saw we're doing the same subjects except for French :D

    How've you been going in them so far this year?

    time to get your licence!! :D

    have a wonderful day :)


    and surprise surprise legal studies ate me and not economics :) :D and :( :( at the same time :lol:
    ok well firstly, i would ask your parents and get their opinion- what they think of u asking him and if they allow it... if they do allow it then would it be a good idea to ask them how to go about it? how to ask him? if u should ask his parents first? wow- grammar is so not correct :p


    doing anything exciting this weekend???
    haha yes that's perfectly normal! and yes good nerves are always good! :)

    really?? you may have to ask his parents first?? but you're just asking him to your party as a friend right?? friends don't have to ask other peep's parents if they want to go to a party? =S but i see..... the parents may think there is something more going on.... 'something could happen' =P

    i know what that feeling is like!! People at uni seem to have the good life =) So much freedom, independence but the downside is the MAJOR WORKLOAD!! MAJOR! worse than the HSC! =/ and ur don't see ur high school friends as often :(

    well yes and no... something to do in the health field... but i first want a high UAI and then i can pick any career i like :)

    my exams=over!!=DDDDDDDD i love this feeling! i feeel freeeeeeee!! hehe

    i know!! but that's because you're thinking before you talk!:)

    yeh i agree! i shall improve on my vocabulary!!

    <3 French :)
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