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  • yeah, i'm hoping to get in for early entry, just as a back up in case i bomb out in the exams. i usually suck at generalised exams so im not expecting anything flash with my marks. ill have to go well in my trials too. so fingers crossed for both of us lol.
    so does this mean you already work at a place where you can get your chef apprenticeship?
    haha fair enough. i don't really know what i want to do either. i'm interested in criminology at the moment, but i don't know whether i'd still be interested in it in a few years. or what other things i can get into from doing it.
    i always thought about being a chef, but i decided i wouldn't be able to cope with the hours- it'd be cool if i was only a daytime chef lol. and i don't think i'd enjoy cooking with things i don't like to eat myself. i guess im just too fussy!
    at least if you decide to do the english degrees, you seem set on a place to do it at. thats a start.
    i hate advanced english. i was doing extension, which was heaps better. but i dropped it so i didn't have as many classes to worry about (lazy, i know...) the teachers are never happy with what you write in it- they always find something to fault.
    my fav is legal studies. i have an awesome teacher for it and i'm really interested in most of the topics we do.
    whats your plan for next year?
    hey, i just saw your comment on a post. it seems you have a few subjects the same as me.
    which one is your fav?
    it's easy to just post on your own page by accident so it doesnt matter. I think a lot of people reply on their own page regardless. anyway im off. cya.
    That's alright, I only rep the good posts. There is like a little white tree thing under a person's picture when they post. That is how you rep someone.
    Heyyy Alax,

    It's Emily from Bass High. Hahah I can't believe I found you in the forums for Ext 2!
    What are you doing for your major work???

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