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Alexis Texas
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  • Why the fuck do you have a PORNSTAR ACTRESS USERNAME?
    I was watching your sig and just quietly, I could honestly watch it all day long. I was mesmerised
    Pokemon <3
    i know this girl who lived their for 6 months to study and she would have muslims on the train asking her out or to go home with them, and she would say no and they would abuse the shit out of her

    like literally once she turned down this arab dude and turned away from him and he full-on kicked her in the kidney

    and like idk if you'll be staying right in town or something but she was living a little bit out of town and where there was heaps of muslims and africans and they would harass her

    groups of them would bang on her door and yell "come out here you whore", and one night despite calling the police THREE times they didn't show up once

    so just like, watch it
    I was watching your sig and was moderately impressed. got more and more intrigued to see where it relooped and looked down to take a bite of icecream and that was the moment when it ended and I missed it :(
    hey lol,

    is that really you.. wow
    hey did your chargers and shit work

    finding conflicting info about 2/3 pin and voltage and stuff
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    oh i dont remember a video maybe im just ret0rded, though I definitely remembered the quote from the article.
    There were like 20 billion links of it though, all of varying lengths and stuffs so annoying lol
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