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  • It's good to hear your exam went well and don't worry, i also think Athens aimed to take over the Mediterranean from the beginning as well ;p
    no worries, i'm sure you will love it. But yeah, definitely consider the summer school, really made a difference for me, i'll be doing the numismatics and the epigraphy courses this year, should be fun. Let me know if you having any other questions or don't understand anything. Another good person to ask is PwarYuex, he's finished this degree i'm pretty sure, he helped me a lot this year.
    eugh egypt, lol i'm really not an egypt person, classics all the way for me =p. You will really enjoy AHST100 egyptian archaeology then, it's extremely hands on and you get to analyse actual Egyptian artefacts in your tutorials, which i found pretty cool. I guess you would be wanting to take hieroglyphs as well? I really recommend taking a summer school course in it before semester cuz languages at uni move a hell of a lot faster than at highschool (i think its like after one year of studying a language at uni you have the equivalent knowledge of someone who did it for fourv years at highschool) and yeah, any advantage you can get is good. I took a sumer school course for greek and it helped me so much, heres the link for more info Macquarie Greek and Other Languages School - Department of Ancient History - Macquarie University
    Thats good, so many people didn't realise, my classical greek class had like 150 people in it at the beginning of the year, now theres like 30. Oh, you should know that MQ is planning to fuck around with the degree next year... so things may be a bit different from what you have read, but don't worry about it now, it will be explained to you when you get here. What kind of history are you into?
    It's fantastic! I love it so much and it was definitely the right choice for me, i have no regrets whatsoever. It's hard work (as most uni courses are i suppose) but very rewarding if you love your ancient history. You know that for the B/AHST you have to learn 2 ancient languages right? A lot of people didn't know that when they started this year and dropped to a B/Arts
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