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  • i've beeen alright . been working out . yehh im going to unsw for adv. science . good luck with yur degree :)
    awkkk dats good
    nd yeah its good u stopped usin it lol i shud start wif dat
    lol well after hsc u can giv it if u like :p
    howz d study goin
    oh wow i also applied to arts degrees :D which uni did you apply to those at? i applied to one teaching degree at usyd. umm..also i applied to social science but social work was my top 2 preferences :)
    yeahh no motivation
    naww ur sick wif cold :(
    dats no good
    hope u feel betta soon :)
    i was wondering u got msn if u use it
    more often den half a month like dis :L
    anywayz tc
    yeah, i wont..its only for this weekend. Might have a sport filled weekend. League, Soccer, F1...should be good..

    anyways..howd you go with your drama performances / projects?
    um...i dunno. Im in relaxing mood this week, as its my first week without assignments...forever!!
    yeah...i need to study for english, reli-- everything except drama and maths lol
    yeah im not too bad thanks. awww hope you get better!
    im just tryin to remotivate myself. i was working perfectly fine then my best friend rang up and asked to come over, of course i couldnt say no to her so she came and now im so unmotivated arghh haha!
    lol naa thats kool
    i understand
    umm my trials didnt go that great
    except for maths nd english
    others i faild =[
    coz i didnt study
    no motivation lol
    but how about u how did u go?
    nd how u been othawise lol
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