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  • I have notes that I can send you, although take into consideration that there are 1 or 2 minor flaws that I have fixed by writing on the actual notes, not editing them via Word.
    Stalking + connections I guess.

    Yeah my tutor told me about St George since she went there herself and with all these weird terms I was like ... DAFUQ?

    "Home grown" ? Hahahaha. It beats my school culture though.. Mine is "Eff school, I'll study later" :/
    Haha I want to actually see your 3u papers - probably will check them out from Spiral to see the gap in difficulty between our schools, since I really can't be proud in saying that I am topping 3u in a rank 290 school...

    Too many Ruse, NSBers, St Georgians (lol) owning me at tutor.
    LOL ~

    Niceeee, animeiswild for state rank xD

    I topped 3u but it's at a bad school - hardly an achievement compared to yours haha. Im mostly second, ranks looking good for you?
    Iirc you do Japanese? Haha i've totally forgotten, you've just disappeared from BOS.

    I've actually been great, been studying hard ~

    Did I already ask how you went in your exams? DID YOU TOP 3U?!
    I came across it by accident. MORE ANIME SUGGESTIONS! When she works for Lin and she becomes like a caring sister.

    Inbox full!
    The phloem is located right next to the cambium and xylem :p So you know all the other plant components?
    Eh. My biology skills are lacking at the moment... I seriously don't know wtf a sieve tube is!? I only know what a phloem, xylem, stomate, mesophyll, and epidermis is :L Wait what do you need it on? I'm making a background information sheet with the main plant components for myself and BOSers but I'm not sure what they are.
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