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  • Oh....well i guess you should be studying! hahaha
    Monopoly dollars? in that case you owe 756,549,000 in monopoly money. Understood Debbie/annagurl/slagathor?
    I guess you have a point there..well played, well played.....
    It always does, studying isn't THAT important....unless you're aiming for 95+ lol
    I expect to receive my $5 via Paypal by the end of the week. Thank you kindly madam.
    Well, I mean it's not ALWAYS bad, but it's annoying when we get retarded phone calls. I hate people sometimes. :/
    "Mr. Insane Man" I like that, lets stick with that for now :p

    Work? it's as shit as any other day. How's you studying, or better yet, your procastination going? lol
    :O Madam, how dare you!? I am an insane individual who feeds on the souls of the living....and sometimes rocks, mmmm delicious souls of rocks *drools*
    No one ever does, probably why the Viscount called me 'the Cursed One' and banished me from Kirkwall. Worst day of my life :(
    Well they deserve to be hated for doing such a shitty, annoying job. just like the parking rangers, they are the most evil of evil, hell even Mussolini once said "Fuck all the parking rangers and their mothers who can't cook for shit". True story.

    Can't blame you, business studies is a pointless subject.
    My name is O.V.K the Cursed One.
    lmao no, I would rather die in a slow and painful death before i become a telemarketer. I work in the call center of a facility management company.
    That a girl...5 bucks says you won't. lol
    Work in a contact centre, horrible job but at least it pays okay :p
    tsk tsk tsk, you madam, should be studying!....but then again it's only business so meh.
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