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  • Dedicated. I never really complete games 100% (sorry developers) and particularly for racing games, it's usually about me 'owning' all the cars I like and leaving it at that lol. May not complete all the tournaments/championships/etc as long as I can drive/modify/pay with the toys I want lol.
    Haha I remember SOF... long long time ago. I think at some point I moved away from FPS and preferred RTS. Only now am I getting back into it- started playing Destiny on PS4 last night!
    UT runs surprisingly well- I set min framerate at 60 and it looks like it's keeping up. Pity the tablet itself doesn't seem that reliable with the factory BIOS.

    There's some lists online of what games work well/don't work well with the TA100 and some even have videos- I looked at UT 2004 and UT3. UT3 looks too jittery for my liking (and besides I have this on X360), and I didn't enjoy 2004 that much... so went with the classic for some CTF Face sniping fun.
    Yes unreal tournament (aka UT99). TO keep things fast/quick, it was always CTF, Instagib, and we'd be a team against a team of bots with at least 50% more bots lol.

    I was even inspired to buy it again on GOG (even though I bought the GOTY edition on CD too back in the day) to play it on my new Asus transformer hybrid device with an Atom processor.
    Yeah omg, all I know is that they're some types of crazy codes ahaha. But yeah can imagine :0
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