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    Pdhpe marks ?

    pdh was quite a hard exam, and im confused with my mark i got haha. just curious on everyone elses marks
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    adv eng 77 (81 external) sor 43 pdhpe 89 (92 external) business 87 IPT 89 gen maths 83 (87 external) HAHA i probably got the worst mark in this whole forum :D but i deserved what i got with the effort i put in
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    can someone please post the sor 2u exam please

    HAHA, i think i know who you are :haha:
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    HSC Graduates ! HSCyaLater :D

    Graduates of the HSC, from the feeling you have after completing your exams, what was your atar aim, and what do you think your going to get ? Be realistic, and lets see who actually believes that accomplished their atar goals ! :D
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    General Thoughts: Studies of Religion II

    the multiple choice was a bit tricky if you didnt know your content very well, however i thought the other questions were fair and decent. I done islam and christianity, and thats what i thought to be honest. Lets hope for the best and see what happens ! :D
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    2014 Internal Ranks Thread

    i dont understand how school rank affects your hsc mark ? someone explain this ? It would simply not make sense
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    The McDonald's Thread

    Who wants to race me in making a big mac ? 8 seconds boys, beat that HAHAHA :D:D ex-employee of 2.5 years
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    another use of multimedia ? individuals with disabilities, who cant physically move, therefore require voice recognition to change some things in their lives. e.g cant move to turn off the tv, use voice recognition :D BAM , but i only wrote 3/4 of a page :/ haha
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    What's everyone doing POST HSC?

    My list - Go gym and lift heavy - Get a job and make some $$$ - Join a footy club - Do some martial arts - Have some fun with my life and enjoy myself - And spend a whole day fishing AND GET MY P's AND FINISH MY L's Log Book :/ The worst of them all :D hhahahah
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    apparently everyone found it to be a decent exam tbh but the better everyone does, the worse itll be
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    Quesitons please. Im just curoius what i got lol. And type them, thatll take forever haha ? Just a photo would save you heaps of time lol
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    General Thoughts: Information Processes and Technology

    yeah can anyone post the multiple choice up ?
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    Thoughts on the exam?

    can someone put up the multiple choice by any chance ?
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    Construction project management - general info and questions

    and one more thing, who actually thinks there going to reach the atar cut off HAHA ? its become a 90.9 now :/ UWS here we come :(:(:(
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    Construction project management - general info and questions

    oh perfect ! thanks for the replies :D My final question on the website of uts, for bachelor construction project management, it says you can become a qualified property developer as well After your degree, are you qualified as one, or do you need to undertake extra courses or industry hours...