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  • How are you going with engineering studies so far? I think I will lose 12 marks straight off the bat just entering the exam because I have no idea how to do technical drawings ._.
    The half development question destroyed me. My teacher literally taught the class briefly on it days before the exam... But i just redrew what i saw in the textbook LOL. Getting marks back tomorrow. How did you o for other subs ? maths, phys ?

    In reply to your PM, I can't really simplify it for you, have to understand it yourself. Though it won't really change anything.
    Yes I did. Unfortunately I am currently overburdened with uni work and I won't have time to read over your essay. Much apologies.
    Oh damn I thought you did MX1 haha! Anyway my exams are falling on the last week of the term, assessments are due next week so I have to work hard lol. Hope everything goes good man, I can feel the pressure as well...
    I'll maybe PM you in the coming days because I might have questions regarding mathematical induction (MX1), kind of confused on the topic now.

    Thanks for that astro :)
    Study hard bro, I'm sure you will be satisfied when you see the mark that you want when you receive the paper back.
    You've got our support...
    oh soz man just noticed I didnt reply to your message lol! I have no bike license atm no. Just red P's for car :p Cannot wait to get full license omg, will finally be able to drive Mclaren 12C XDDD
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