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  • hey, im good..i guess lol, considering school will soon be over forever.

    Hmmm...im trying to remember when I 'friended' you, but I can't remember when, or why...but meh, you seem pretty cool, so I guess it'll stick, haha.

    and, yes Pixar films are some of the greatest. I watched Toy Story last night...quite a good film there. And no, I have not seen UP yet. my mum borrowed a pirated version off a work friend, and then it didn't work in the loungeroom tv...so I didnt get to watch it. It worked in the kitchen, but then I had to go to work. I guess I could watch it tonight...lol
    yeah, i registered yesterday. :D my username's the same: autumn-bird. how about you?
    i love looking at the pics of taylor! hehehe
    thats so good in a way!!
    i spent about 4hrs watching taylor on youtube :|
    worst proctasinator EVER!!!
    but i found the cutest interview <3 <3
    teardrops on my guitar is my obsession! LOVOOOOOOOVEEEE IT!
    im so crazy hahaha
    oooh, i see! glad to see you haven't abandoned taylor, lol :D
    i like teardrops on my guitar too. i also loved our song, tim mcgraw, i'm only me when i'm with you from her first album... love everything on it, actually. haha
    i wish i could do that too, watch youtube clips of her music videos... it doesn't work on my home computer, i don't think i have the proper program installed to see youtube stuff. :p
    but i guess it means i won't be procrastinating by watching taylor clips! hehehe
    haha i have taylor on my profile & jess as my av. my 2 favs hehe!
    im listening to tay right now actually...tear drops on my guitar <3 <3 its my fav song right now!! & ive been watching clips of her on youtube all day hahahaa! badd!
    haha yes shes amazing <3
    yeahhh HSC. you're VCE? arghhh im the worst procrastinator!! i need to do work haha! have fun at school =P hahah!
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