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  • LOL serious?? What about organic chemistry? Would we have to know how to draw those carbon shiet? LOL
    nehh; 'cause when I commented you, I saw that you had just logged on the day before. XD

    zomgsh chem.
    shoot me.
    It feels like ages since I've logged on. D:
    and what am I doing right now seriously. I haven't even started studying for my other subjects.
    hey, no worries :)
    naah, u dont no me!!
    i jus added u coz u seemed pretty cool hehe
    i did study notes throughout the year. like each afternoon. i was the most consistent with bio cos i knew if i didnt do it id epically fail.
    english i was really slack with so i did them all now :| :| so bad!
    religion i started then stopped so i need to finish the.
    cafs i did throughout the year but then got lazy lately so i gotta finish them but its a dead easy subject.
    um study notes for english....basically just thesis then technique, effect of technique & quote.
    good luck!!
    week 3 :( :( :(
    ummm well for bio & cafs i have study notes. maths i do questions & past papers. religion i should start studying for. english i have study notes but omg its annoying me so much & legal im just reading the textbook lol.
    yeah well im heaps better now :) :)
    no infections...off all the antibiotics! todays actually the first day in like a month i havent been on antibiotics but i had neurofen :(

    yeah slowly getting better. got 2 broken ribs now so thats horrible! they hurt lol
    the whooping cough is ALMOST goneeee so its exciting :D
    i ended up also having a respiratory infection & ear infection afterwards....oh & the flu! yeah i had a realy sick month :( haha
    yeah enjoy your last term of yr 11 hey. freaks me out i got 1 term ever left :|

    yeah hsc trials :( studystudystudy!
    no not really.ive broken a rib so its painful to move.& last night i slept 0hrs as i was up vomitting all night. oh & coughing.
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