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Recent content by band6man

  1. band6man

    Getting band 6 maths

    General maths... Why are you doing general maths? You seem like an intelligent person. What's done is done I guess, just try and get the highest mark you can next time. You'll find that your class members won't be that smart because you know why so you still have a good chance at getting a...
  2. band6man

    Sure I would want to be friends with me too

    Sure I would want to be friends with me too
  3. band6man

    Students who achieved an ATAR of 85+, what did you do differently?

    In all honesty I didn't do anything different from my friends that got mediocre atars, it's just that I'm genetically blessed.
  4. band6man

    Ipt single result

    Isn't this a VET subject or something? Why would you do that ... Really shaking my head at you right now. It's scaling is horrible, in my opinion you should do 10 units next year if you actually want a good atar. Whether or not you should be proud of it is all relative to your intelligence. For...
  5. band6man

    How is my ATAR so low?

    I only got a 97 atar because of getting an 81 in english, such a disgrace that geniuses like me are forced to do this retarded subject.
  6. band6man

    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    Thanks man :) I will probably be treated to a celebratory dinner with my family tonight in honour of my achievements
  7. band6man

    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    Have a look for yourself buddy :) http://postimg.org/image/uou0hxqxn/
  8. band6man

    3 days left till atar

    Hey :) Nah I'm not that arrogant, I estimate 99.5 or higher. Can't wait to see my results.
  9. band6man

    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    Literally google atar calculator, OP is just shilling his gay website
  10. band6man

    Talent 100 has an ATAR profiler

    no one has their marks
  11. band6man

    Early Offers

    ITT LOSERS being jealous of my success and trying to justify their failure with delusion lmao, have fun at your second rate universities LOSERS! Don't worry I'll remember you guys when I'm working at NASA and sending shuttles into space.
  12. band6man

    Early Offers

    lol. If you wanna give everyone an award and a pat on the back just for participating that's your problem. I'm just keeping it real here. The fact is certain universities are better than others so whatevs my man. That's just life, it's time to face the real world if you wanna be a WINNER like...
  13. band6man

    Early Offers

    Hi there. Good job on getting that UWS offer, I guess it's an achievement for you. I personally got an early offer from UNSW but I threw it in the bin instantaneously because I knew USYD would accept me which has a superior engineering department.
  14. band6man

    ATAR is a rank not a mark

    Usually the people that don't understand have no use for their atar anyway
  15. band6man

    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    I think it's higher than 97.5 doesn't really matter I'll get in easily anyway Your advice has been noted thanks palster