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    General Thoughts: Biology

    i liked it. some weird questions and the 7 marker in core was very broad. could have talked about lots really. overal good though
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    German Extension

    thought it was a great exam. did Qu 3 for essay and rest was fine. :)
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    anyone else notice?

    yeah i saw that. got worried that i'd missed something or the paper had left out a page. :)
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    Help! probability 2U question

    ah thanks heaps makes sense :)
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    Help! probability 2U question

    Hi everyone may seem a stupid question but not sure how to do it :( the probability that a connection in an alarm clock works in 0.6. a least one connection must be working for the alarm clock to work. find the minimum number of connections to ensure a 99% probability that it works. please...
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    German continuers Anyone?

    yeah thought it was easy too. all questions were straight forward. looking forward to extension on tuesday :)
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    Module B Hate Thread

    yeah did orwell as well and did similar thing. probably was the easiest essay to do off the cuff
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Re: WORSE PAPER EVER MADE .... Thoughts? does anyone know when the last time was that they specified a speech/essay/scene etc. for mod B. just for interrest sake :)
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    i'm pretty sure a quote is sufficient. i have asked mutiple teachers the same and didn't do so for the trials and it was fine. the markers know the texts so it should be ok not name scene/act.