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    I can only write 660 per 45 minutes

    i have been sticky taping an eraser to the end of my pen to practice since prelims and i trained myself to write 1.1 -1.2k in 40 mins :D
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    I miss you guys

    what were ur internal and external marks i want your atar
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    North Sydney or Hornsby?

    depends what that B is for, is it a core subject? I believe that if you are going to transfer, aim for a higher ranked school also, if you do a lot of cocirrculars, they'll be more likely to foresee your application even if you have 1 b
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    maths hsc new syllabus

    don't be shy, attach your schools' 2020 exams for maths adv, ext and ext 2 🥺
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    Parramatta High School Selective stream

    if ur gonna transfer why not try a fully selective school bc dont partial selective only last til like year 10
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    Behind in math

    Ngo & Sons all the way!! Even though i feel like the teachers are not paid as much as they deserve - they put a lot of effort and care about their students way too much it makes me feel guilty They give you more resources to study for than you need, and their fees are actually quite cheap...
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    Permutation Questions Help

    its been over a year since i touched on perms and coms so imma just do the ones i can be bothered to do: 2. you have 3 subjects so 3! then there's 4! x 2! x 5! for each subject arranged in their groups so the answer should be 3! x 4! x 2! x 5! = 34560? could be wrong 5. same concept^ i...
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    Should I bother trying in a subject I'm going to drop?

    well seems like ur mind is already set and nothing can change it. drop then lol
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    Should I bother trying in a subject I'm going to drop?

    if youre doing well in it, dont waste that. many of my friends are doing trials soon with 14 units bc they are doing well in all of them. you want to maximise your marks for hsc !
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    Should I bother trying in a subject I'm going to drop?

    i would recommend not dropping it and to do your best in all your exams because it will give u a feel of the amount of work you will have to complete in HSC
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    u SHWEep me off my feet
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    do i hold a chance

    do past papers!
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    whats yo last name
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    help me w my jersey nickname ?

    train to hasan