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  • Hey, no worries, I've been pretty busy too.
    Yeah, I quite liked the first support act, Back Ted n Ted (?), but because I didn't get through the door til after the show started (the line was HUGE), I only really heard two or three of his songs. Must admit I didn't like Tim Exile so much, to me personally his stuff showed he had talent and could do awesome electronic stuff but it wasn't very, um, musical. But each to their own I guess :)
    Yes, I go to UNSW, and hey I got one of those tote bags too! I use it sometimes for uni when I don't have to carry a massive amount on particular days. We can both play 'spot-the-tote-bag', haha. Good luck with auditioning for the choir too! I'm not going to since I'm not exactly a brilliant singer (lol), but am working on trying to convince one of my friends, who is semi-professional, to audition. That would be amazing!
    Ohhh :( you are so incredibly lucky!
    I was sort of near the front too, over more towards the other side of the stage (where that Tim Exile - is that his name? he was weird - was standing) although not right up near the crash gate. There were a fair few people in front of me, including a tall person who kept swaying from side to side right in front of me :mad1: But I could still see Imogen for most of the time.
    I can't wait for her to come back either! Would definitely go again. (And I loved how she got the audience involved in 'Just For Now', it sounded awesome!)
    lol, nah, I don't think you're weird. Although GOSH YOU GOT TO MEET HER?? Very jealous! I was too busy making a mad dash for the last train home for the night :/
    I thought the concert was fantastic! Best live show I've been to so far :) What about you?
    No worries...ur post said exactly what i wanted 2 say bout my parents lol :)
    mmm the cutoff was 94.something which is pretty high so yeah... i got 95.1
    well all the best with your course! :D
    ahh ok... i know a few people who went to colo lol... i went to bede polding :)

    yeah penriths not bad.. it takes what, half hour to get there, and then the fast trains only take 50 minutes or something (to redfern anyways, coz im going to USYD). id still rather catch the train from richmond, only because its a 10 minute drive from my house but when the trackworks on, penrith is aiight.

    itll take longer for you though since your going to UNSW >.<
    no way, are u from richmond too?!? what uni u going to?
    maybe i know you irl, without even knowing it o_O

    on the days where richmond to quakers hill is down, just catch the train from penrith. its quicker than richmond anyway, and only a 25 min drive away
    No worries, mate. Take some initiative and start making friends yourself, then it gets easier.
    Haha whoah, yeah at least you tried it younger and it turned you off for life!! I was always curious about how it would taste because sometimes it smelt alright.. But, I guess not many things taste how they smell!
    In reply to your rep comment:
    Yes, it really is disgusting. I just tried it because everyone was smoking and I got offered a puff.. I tasted like an ash tray for about half an hour after it.. Smoking is such a massive turn off!!
    Thanks for the help with that relativity question it helped me to get a better understanding of what was going on Much appreciated.
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