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  • hey dude. thanks for your advice. alright. like you've said. I've borrowed cambridge 4u maths and terry lee and have begun practicing for them. ive even searched the net for the solutions for cambridge.
    I know that this is a big ask but could I get those 100+ past papers? I gotta start working on them asap. :p
    -there is quite a bit of information on the build up of Pompey's career in these notes, but the more detailed part of Caesar and Crassus' early lives are in the notes I made for the personalities topic (Caesar). I can't really find a nice place to slot them into the fall of the republic notes, but I'd be happy to include them if you want.

    -it's not just a general outline of the period; all events specified by the BOS syllabus are covered in the notes, as well as some others which I felt were important to the background of the topic.

    -yes, these are the notes I used for the HSC (and thanks :p)

    -the word doc is 5pages, because I'm a little OCD with formatting (tiny margins, size8 font >__>). If you fiddle around a little with the settings (size10 font, no columns, normal margins) it's a more respectable 13pages.

    -I went to James Ruse, but not really comfortable giving out my name in a visitor message. I'll PM you when I can, if you want.

    no worries, I'm glad I can help.
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    haha okay, going to reply in dot points so I remember to answer all of your questions.

    -the detail in the notes focus on the more significant points of the syllabus, especially on those which often come up in HSC and trial papers. Some of the more minor events are covered more briefly, because I felt that in an exam situation learning the specifics of more trivial matters distracts from the main areas. There is a fair bit of recounting in terms of what happened during the many battles and expansions etc, but this is coupled with substantial analysis on the reasons behind these events and the impact they had on the eventual fall of the republic.

    I'm a tutor at TZ Tutoring - I just wanted to let you know that TZ Tutoring just made a site called tztutoring dot org and they have uploaded ALL these resources for people so go on and download!!!!

    it's similar to wwhat bored of studies used to look like but these have been marked by teachers and reviewed etc

    it's really good! and all for free cause they want to help students!:uhhuh:
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