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  • Cos I was cocky, arrogant and egotistical, believing I could get those marks without study. I played playstation over studying, and I paid the price lol.
    no im not. im dropping because I dont think i would be able to handle actl2001/2 and the other actl subjects.
    Hahah, definitely not Actuarial Studies!

    My degree probably leans more towards the Pure side of maths, but there are certainly Applied subjects. Not sure if UoW offers Actuarial Studies though... I know we have a B Maths and Finance, but I actually don't know how deep that goes. There's a 3rd year maths subject called Financial Calculus though.

    I'm leaning more towards the cryptanalysis side I think, and being able to use computers to program security using maths (but again there's still a lot of maths for me to do and see what I have an interest in).

    For Actuarial Studies though I *think* slyhunter is studying it so if you want more information on that then may be a good idea to ask him. If you want more information on just maths though and at the various universities, Carrotsticks studies it but so do a bunch of other users.
    I'm doing a B Mathematics Advanced at UoW (not many UoW people on BoS haha).

    I guess being interested in Maths is a good start, but what do you want to know? Anything specific or?
    unfortunately he fits the stereotype of 99% of people i meet who want to work in IB or whatever. when u've been on BoS a while every few weeks someone new will post a "how do i get into IB?" style thread and get shot down lol.
    lol unfortunately in my role i need to be diplomatic. thankfully there are plenty of other users who think the same thing i'm thinking and say it out loud :)
    Medicinal Chemistry is basically the chemistry of medicine. You learn how to make drugs/medicine, analyse their effect on people, how to test or trial them and also the ethics involved in the whole process. Its 4 years, but the final year is automatically an Honours year.
    Why are some people such faggots like you?? Or more so, why are you a faggot
    Oh and still no answer to why you're giving me a hard time.
    And the fact you are some guy pretending to be a girl on BoS
    and the fact that your UNSW scholarship is some creative writing you did.
    LOOOOOOOL you are one sad person.
    i dont understant why you keep calling me mate cos im not your mate, dumb ass. Im not telling you my name unless you tell me yours. You probably will stalk me down on fb then troll me there too. I very much doubt someone like you got 99.90 ATAR. Is this a creative writing piece you wrote for Standard English or something.... And I dont reckon I go to James Ruse. I know that I am going to James Ruse. You seem to have not retaliate about the fact I stated you attended some shitty school. LOOOL Well then, now I'm certain you did, and mostly certainly i'm sure you FAILED there too. oh btw you dont sound like a girl at all. You're probably some guy who's doesnt have a life. I mean changing your gender on BoS is just sad. Oh and if you are a girl, you're probably some reeking shit.
    How do you know that no ones bought my notes?? How do you know that no ones PMed me huh??
    How do know that i have or have not earned $200 from this thread??
    Well you dont cos youre some trolling bitch, who for no reason is giving me a hard time. You dont have a life cos all you do is spend your time on BoS trolling people. You failed your HSC, didnt get into the course you wanted and now stuck cos you have no options left in your life but troll on BoS. Dont get jealous cos I've achieved more than you have in life.
    You probably went to some shitty school, whilst im going to James Ruse, where I received Dux there. Any comments, no cos you got ripped.
    And dont think im some nerd who studies heaps. I happen to be in NSW National Basketball team, where i've spent most of my time training rather than studying. So as you can see, im superior to younin both academic and sporting areas, whilst you have hmmm nothing. LOOOOOL YOU FAIL =P
    No i would not kindly screenshot the page to you. Not the way youve be treating me. Maybe if you were nicer i would kindly send it to you. Its a two way street bich
    looool bitch, I looked at settings and ive got heaps of comments red barred cos of you. You have taken you the first 8 slots in who has neg barred me first
    hmmm I'm red barred cos some bitch disapproved one of my post...
    I think her name is bladeys... What a shit name aye...
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