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  • Hey, nice to know there's other people out there that do Latin! Currently, I'm just working on my Virgil and Livy translations and working through Liz's workbook (if your school has given it to you). How about you? How many people do Latin in your year. There's 6 people in my Latin class.
    Hi, ext 2 would be helpful, but not necessary as you're taught the ext 2 topics in the uni maths courses. Chem isn't really important unless you choose a materials or chem elective. HSC Physics isn't actually that much relevant to uni engineering, in fact, HSC Engineering Studies is most closest ( plus ext 2 maths). You'll need to know the maths part of mechanics and space topics, there's almost no content involved unlike HSC physics which has a lot of content. There's an electrical course you need to do, but I guess you won't need to worry about that now. So basically, the maths in engineering studies is closely related for at least first year mech engineering.
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