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    MQ Chatter Thread

    What are people's plans for the break? How are everyone's exam timetable looking?
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    Is repeating a reasonable option for me

    Are you now being more effectively treated for your mental health-related issues?
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    Should I drop Maths Advanced of CAFS?

    What are you looking to do in the future? If University, some have Advanced Mathematics as compulsory for certain degrees.
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    Atar of 70+ possible?

    Yes possible. HSC externals count for 50% of your overall marks, so focus on studying hard, and effectively and I can see you getting 70+.
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    Should I drop Business or Entertianment VET??? pls help me

    Drop Entertainment VET, business studies will scale better and you are performing better in it.
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    drop business or chemistry?

    If you are planning to do something science-related at uni, I would suggest keeping Chemistry.
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    Is a 70 ATAR still possible?

    Look HSC external exams count for 50% so it is certainly still within your sights. Study hard, and you will be rewarded.
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    2019ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Good luck with the HSC and remember it is a marathon not a sprint so remember to pace yourself for it.
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    What happens to books/paper after graduation?

    Bonfires were fairly popular
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    What happens to books/paper after graduation?

    Textbooks sold or kept depending on interest. Notes chucked out no one was would be interesting in buying.
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    organisation for year 11

    Yes but English occasionally was slightly different for handing in drafts I would often type rather than handwrite.
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    organisation for year 11

    I did my first draft of essays on the computer and then handed in for teacher feedback as required.
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    organisation for year 11

    I used grid books for mathematics. Binders to store hand outs (kept them at home) and had an a4 display book to take handouts to and from as needed. Loose leaf sheets to take notes on and then stuck on binders.
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    Atar notes or excel study books

    Don’t get Excel or ATAR notes forStandard Mathematjcs better of getting multiple textbooks. Would also think that would be better if purchasing different textbooks for the remaining subjects
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    Consider teacher quality How does your school typically do in your respective subject Cohort wuality? Do you enjoy Visial Art theory What do you want to do after school? Modern scales better than Visual Arts