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  • Yeah that's what that first year guide for Commerce/laws says.

    It also recommend Business Statistics, Marketing Fundamentals and the Intro to Law unit.
    Oh I only just noticed this.

    Don't be too sad! I actually quite like maths but this was the first thing to come into my mind. I only made the account to lurk, and a friend had showed me a BOSer named "mathsisfun15" who had the exact same subjects as our other friend who *loved* maths (except they did adv instead of standard), which was a funny coincidence

    2u/3u was a welcome escape from the dreary english and physics revision of the hsc :)

    I saw your post regarding 'Finding Nemo' as a related text for discovery and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers for using it. The themes I'm talking about in my essay are discoveries that question pre-established truths and the consequences of discovery. If you can, what would you recommend talking about in Finding Nemo in relation to these themes and what sort of techniques/examples from the text can I use. Any help would be much appreciated as we have exams coming up and my teacher is on holiday.

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