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  • just built my neighbour a gaming pc :D

    i was meant to get my parts ages ago

    hopefully this week though

    wbu bl00dthr1k3r
    i used 3u cambridge (only 1ce never bothered lol), coroneos, excel 3u (patel one)

    come to think of it i didn't do any text book revision since maybe term 2 :S

    the bloodstriker shall acquire high atar and join me in unsw engineering (i fink you wanna do engo?)
    where have you been young blood, i haven't been in a state of social seclusion long enough to fowget you

    hows the hsc going?
    But wait! Lightning strikes a nearby tree and traps bloodstriker. Bloodstriker, panicing uncontrollably passes out. As bloodstriker slowly regains conscienceness, it realises that it has not been eaten. But how come... As the bloodstriker statrs to wonder, it struggles to stand up. There seems to be some sort of rope grappling its arms and legs against some trees. "Wait a minute" the bloodstriker thinks "why am i wearing no clo" the bloodstrikers thoughts are interrupted by the sound of music, loud music, loud sexy music. *Dun dun da da dun dun dun* the bear appears from behind some bushland and starts shaking its booty. He grabs bloodstriker and rapes it with maximum force. The bloodstriker, thankful that the horrible ordeal is over, starts to think of ways to escape. As an idea comes to mind, his thoughts are interrupted yet again by the sound of music, loud music, loud sexy music. The bear yet again appears fro mbehind some bushland and persues the bloodstriker.

    to be continued
    And when the bloodstriker makes his entry into the 12th level of anus, he exceeds his own expectations. Before his eyes, unicorns radiate warming auras which gently caress his soggy skin, whilst a littering of rainbows stimulates his penis. He leaves the unknowing little girl with her red scarf to search for his next prey - the rainbow. He searches and search but cannot see. The bloodstriker wonders, "is it because I'm so short" but his moment of moral mastery is halted upon the sight of a polar bear.

    To be continued. Yes, I'm bored.
    In the woods, the bloodstriker stalks its prey.

    The unknowing little girl with her red scarf skips playfully adjacent to the river bed. For little does she know, the bloodstriker is near.
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