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  • Yo bro, yo dad been whupped by dem mods, he was da best nigga on BoS, representin' da niggas unite crew, tchoo' know what I'm sayin'? Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, we gotta bust dem mods, poppin caps up dem phat whitebread asses, and brush off da heat
    nigga yo paps got his azz banned from BoS, wacchu goin do bout homeboi?? he da best nigga on da mudafackin planetz
    Yo fo'shizzle ma dizzle, what crack you be smokin' muthafucka? Me from the ghetto streets of Brooklyn, tappin' all those ho's in da club yeah, choo feelin me'? Sup homiez, yo wanna smack sum of dat KFC like i spank yo mama, you know what i'm sayin;. Yo, we be like dat, tighter than a ho's pussy, yeah boy. It feels smoother than Busta busting out some rhymes and caps whilst brushin of the heat, ain't it. Yo, you're ma flava flav fave mofo, let's go for a ride, me and you pimpin it in da streets. Yeah, peace out cat's stay cool yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    have some repect for your papa, you son of a bitch

    ive been good motherfucker

    where your mama at?
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