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  • ur so lucky about the internship. fuuuuu!! ye uni sucks balls. I'm lagging at least 5 weeks behind in every single subject... if only i was bothered ._.
    I'm doing perdisco as we speak lololol due this friday. Can u answer this question for me? pretty please??

    If i receive a discount for the purchase of inventory, do i write the list price in the inventory card? or the discount price (ie list price - discount)

    haah ur lucky u have a job.. money is good! .. = happiness
    oh wait of course 9 till 6 is legal LMAO must be a late night
    ohh dammit i want an internship as well. As of at the moment, i have no idea how i'll get a job in the future. fkn hope i'm not one of them guys who are forever stuck at a shit paying job working 9 till 6 in the morning lol (if that's even legal)

    doing commerce at unsw at the moment. 3 uni days and 4 day weekends are tough ^^ ahha....
    ooh a coop scholarship, on what? Ye i graduated last year.. so glad that shit's over.. but going into uni is like going out of the frying pan into the fire :'(

    turns out we've talked to each other on bos before :S the history of conversation is still here lol. You went to Fort street ye?
    no worries lol. Thought it was a little odd your rep was red.

    What degree and uni r u going to?
    its not like i could possibly get rid of it on my old account, man that maths94 kid is pissing me off, he keeps writting shit about me on the tutoring ad i put up lol
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