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  • was this the engineering thing you were talking about while I was eating my meat box? lol
    You can remove references and quotes from the turnitin percentage it shows. I originally had 24% for my IBP assignment then chose to exclude references and quotes and it went down to 7%
    Yeah true, I was thinking of consuming some time by doing an example showing the interrelatedness (is that a word) of all the financial statements. It's due May 20th anyway but we have to upload something to UTS online by May 13th I think, not too sure
    Nope lol. Think I'm going to talk about financial statements because I believe it is the easiest. Looking to start soonish. I heard it's doable in 3-4 hours so I guess I can leave it until late
    Unfortunately yes, lab report, quiz and lab book marking this week boo! Will be so happy when Wk 5 is done!

    It's hard to non stop party with this uniiii thing! Though come to meat on Thurs yes? And whenever the karaoke meat is announced yes?
    Hah noone can write on Zombie (ma sexy homgurl's wall) so we had a convo on mine. I just can't contain my love of that girl to PM form!
    im a little confused with the UTS system. On my feedback page for the wicked problem it says 12/15 but on the grades page it says 11.5, which one is correct?
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