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    Experienced 99.65 ATAR tutor in Cabramatta region

    A great tutor to have during HSC! I attended physics and math classes and it made life at school a whole lot easier. He is overall a really nice guy, though he sucks at FIFA and is HIGHLY recommended by his class of 2012!! Hire his services now 2013!!! :)
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    First Year Subjects - BSc(Advanced)

    My maths and chemistry subjects are set, I'm just confused about which biology/physics subjects to pick. Is it wise if I choose BIOL 1903 AND BIOL 1911 for semester one (I've heard they're both similar subjects but I guess it would reinforce my biology skills - I didn't do biology in high...
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    PQA- Oral Health

    I got my invitation for interview this morning. Kind of a shock to be honest, I thought I did pretty badly. Does anyone know howard people get an invitation for an interview?
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    Some of the answers

    Reliability in high school terms, is the consistency of the results. No matter how it was performed, valid or invalid, if the results are consistent, it is reliable. By saying whether to trust it or not comes under validity. An experiment may be reliable but not valid. What someth1ng wrote is...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    I don't know if there is debate about the induction cook top MC question, but here's an article saying high resistance is better:
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    The question wants 'most rapid heating'. Therefore you want high resistance to create more heat. End of Story.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    I believe the negative sign accounts for Lenz's Law. I don't think it means negative EMF. It'll turn negative once the coil has rotated 180 degrees.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    +1 I Agree
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Where did you get thermal radiation info from? And why have low electrical resistance?
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    transmission question

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    General Thoughts: Physics

    +1 +1
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    transmission question

    Re: General Thoughts: Physics But C uses 3MW of power, which can be said to be 'losing', so in the end you'll only get 97MW. B on the other hand, loses only 1.6MW of power and gets 98.4MWin the end. Wouldn't B be the better choice?
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    I only used parabolas because the 'radii' weren't the same. One was r and the other was something else. Since the height is bounded by that part of the 'curve', I believed it couldn't be a circle. I still think it's not a circle now.. How ridiculous
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    SOLUTIONS - Terry Lee

    Well I fucked that up didn't I..
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    SOLUTIONS - Terry Lee

    Hey Carrot, are you sure the height of the rectangle is bounded to x^2 + y^2 = r^2? Since it's on an angle, would it be different? (question is 14c)