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Recent content by Call it mate !

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    hey do you still have the ancient history one?
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    Uni degree choice help

    mine says it’s from 2018 ???
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    Uni degree choice help

    Wait I’m so dumb I didn’t even realise this was 2 years old :|
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    Uni degree choice help

    If your UCAT score is low, first keep trying again and again to get a higher score, then if it's still low do a medical degree at uni and after apply for medicine. There are a bunch of online zoom lessons that give you more info on that. UTS also have a pre-medicine course, check that out too...
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    Online tutoring classes

    hey what did you end up doing ?
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    Experiences with Art of Smart or TuteSmart for English/Biology tutoring ?

    hey did you get any info of tutesmart cause I wanted to try it out?
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    Bridging courses

    Heyyy if you still have the booklet can you please send it to me
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    How do i Improve for english

    im a little late but do past papers for English there on NESA website trust me they are all the same every year just different concept do them then ask your teacher to review them