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  • yeah why so jelly? just cos snow and i were talking and oozing coolness

    also, yes yes will rep you when possible okay, calm down
    omg, long time no talk haha!!

    just because you saw me and Dirty-ink having a convo lol...
    anyways, I guess I'm alright since I'm still alive
    but how have you been? How's your uni life?
    Look I know you want rep but I need to rep other people first before repping you again! If I rep you again will you leave me alone? Okay, you have a nice day now :)
    /r/philosophy is ok, but it's not great

    I like /r/askphilosophy though since you can see the authority of the persons posting

    The thing about Islamic studies in the west is, that in secular institutions you learn about Islam, but in Islamic seminaries, you learn Islam

    But Charles Sturt has a pretty good program since it is helped by ISRA http://www.isra.org.au/
    No I haven't done philosophy in university

    You can learn quite a bit from just reading though

    Modern philosophy outside of analytic philosophy is quite terrible as far as I'm concerned though, so I'd suggest reading up on medieval philosophy and especially Ilm al-Kalam, which is a form of philosophical theology
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