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  • How cute, you're trying to preserve the shreds of dignity you have left. But okay, I will mention this no more on your BOS wall. It will be absolutely fantastic for your reputation. :D
    Assignment? I have 4 at the moment :p 3 are due this week.

    Multivariable Calc - Done most of it, stuck on one or two though at the moment and will have another crack at it a bit later haha.
    Linear Algebra - Not due for another 2 weeks so I've only done like 2 of the 11 questions.
    Other maths - Same as multivariable, done most but stuck on a couple.
    Programming - Just got the last question to go.

    Getting there!
    Haha yea, I've had two revision assignments that weren't worth much and they were pretty easy, these ones now are harder and worth more!

    Looking forward to an assignment...? Never! :p
    Haha, glad you like it!

    Yea saw the application one and it certainly looked interesting! I haven't attempted that one at all yet but hopefully it's not too hard for me to get out - along with the rest of it :)

    You have any assignments for your subjects?
    Sure, want to PM me your email?

    And yea that's what the lecturer said, but I'm sure I'll found out very soon! hahah.
    Started very briefly on Integration in Multivariate today. Should be fun!

    Also got the first assignment for it, and a big assignment for Linear Algebra.
    Hahaha yea, I dunno yet - I just think I'll enjoy Comp Sci (not that I'm not enjoying Maths).

    We'll see I guess!
    Seems like your Vector Calculus is ahead of mine!

    Multivariate and Vector Calculus - We've just had like two lectures on the chain rule with partial derivatives. It's not hard but it's just a pain when you have to work out the second partial derivative due to the amount of working involved. The notation also sucks - having three different ways (or whatever it is) to denote the partial.

    Linear Algebra - Talking about a set being a basis of a vector space, and in the numerical part we're doing LU decompositions.

    Advanced Mathematics (I don't like this name...) - We're doing an Intro to Real Analysis, so just started stuff on limits and what have you.

    Then there's my programming subject, I think we just did while loops...

    I'm thinking I'll end up doing a double major in comp sci, so I'll have to do less maths subjects but I'll still end up doing like 15 haha.
    Not necessarily a change of mind.. but I think I may end up enjoying the programming subject. It's just started off slow and now that we're actually doing some (basic) programming it's decent. My brother has always tried to get me to program but now that I actually have a use for it I may get into it more! Who knows hahah...

    Hows your studies?
    What are you doing next semester?

    There's a Cryptography subject here that I intend to take, either next year or in my third year.

    My studies though - going pretty good I guess. We've finally got into Calculus in the Multivariate course and Linear Algebra is just progressing at a normal pace. The good part is I'm understanding it all! Hahah.

    How are yours?
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