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    Textiles MTP price

    I spent like 250
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    Regiment Building

    Anyone live/lived here? Experiences?
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    Practice speaking answers

    Practice answers
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    Verb Conjugation worksheet

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    French notes

    on every topic
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    Human Rights notes

    Includes human trafficking
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    Legal Notes (Crime, HR, Family, World Order)

    In depth notes on all units
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    FEAS acceptance rate?

    What are the odds of getting into UNSW engineering through FEAS? I got an 83.05... would they rather take an 92 with an average application or an 83 with a really good application? My situation is that i could put USYD at the top and 100% get in (due to my 80 conditional offer) or gamble with...
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    How hard/easy is it for 2 (going to be) first year university students to rent in Sydney, knowing that neither of us have any rent history and we are 2 18 year olds. A lot of people have told me that finding a place that will rent to you is near impossible, is this true? And if so any tips?
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    im going to cry regardless haha
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    I reckon, or just read a syllabus haha Will students be asked to analyse a text prescribed for Module C in an examination response? No. The examination questions for this module will not explicitly focus on critical analysis. Students engage with texts critically in order to appreciate the...
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    Thats what im thinking haha, i dont have any memorised
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    How is everyone attacking Mod C?

    Since it is a massive 'wtf'