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  • no i don't go to st. leos haha.
    but thanks for asking
    you seem like a intelligent and well spoken individual
    Hmm, I think I may send her a message, because if you think you're hopeless, well, never fear, I am shockingly bad.

    Oh god, all we've been told is PARADIGMS PARADIGMS PARADIGMS. I think I'm just going to try and create a thesis for individuality and imagination and leave it at that. I'm terrible at Romanticism, I really don't get it. Hooray freedom and subjectivity and poetry good for you..!

    Are you doing Possession? (A.S Byatt)
    Yeah, after my travels next year I hope to go to UTS (Writing) or Macq (Creative Arts). I'll probably end up at Macquarie, because although the UTS course is great, I truly hate the campus, and Macq is much closer to me.
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