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  • well most likely u will get a state rank
    let me know when u find out, and tell me wat ATAR u get :D
    hahaha the car ride there.... i checked my rank order notice on my phone LOL!
    rooty hill is such a HOLE idk why the fuck we had our formal there.
    and i swear to god i just wanted to run up on stage and bitchslap that fucking "DJ"
    yeahhh pretty good.
    um...yeah the formal was ok. i expected worse of rooty hill lol. i liked the food but yeah it was pretty boring and the dj spoke too much between songs. i felt we ate for too long haha and not enough dancing. oh well..
    how shit was formal

    that DJ was a shit cunt. his like "im not taking requests unless i have it in writing"
    so i actually got pen n paper n wrote sum songs down lol
    n he didnt play any of em... fag

    + the formal was just shit.
    how you enjoying life daryl?
    i dont remember seeing you at the formal....actually wait yeah i do, like once lol.
    Today, my math teacher, who is from India and still struggles with English, was teaching us about probability. He used the example of flipping a coin. He turned to a student and asked him with his accent, "How often you get head?" He didn't get why we were all laughing at him after. MLIA
    ohhh shit :(
    well our chem teachers gonna be mad disappointed when he sees my mark :(

    btw what does tl;dr mean?
    ohh ok
    so i guess today was the last time i shall ever set foot in bede polding college :(

    nahh dw bout the facebook cut lol, i didnt take offence (im used to it hahahahhaha)

    chem was terrible, OMG i cant believe how badly i did. i think it was as bad as the trial, if not worse. not expecting more than a band 4 now
    and not expecting an ATAR over about 87 :'(
    are our teachers gonna be able to find out our results for their subject? because i dont want our chem teacher 2 find out about my abysmal mark... aaahh!
    ohhh serial... u coulda told me that before :(
    now i have to wait until nov 16

    also, with out hsc result summaries, do we pick them up from school on the 18th of december or do we get em in the mail
    yeah i am gonna get my ranks.... students online right? 16th nov?

    i am SO screwed for chemistry its not even funny OMG
    i cant believe how badly im going to FLUNK 2moro
    probably even worse than the trials

    im still trying to figure out how chemistry went from one of my best subjects to one of my worst in the space of about 6 months.
    thanks 4 the bio luck, i think i went pretty well....
    ill never stop ripping of adam sandler haha. hes my hero <3
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