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    Share your 2012 HSC results here

    Adv English - 89/100 Chemistry - 91/100 Physics - 85/100 Studies of Religion 1 - 45/50 Maths Ext 1 - 92/100 (2011) Maths Ext 2 - 89/100 (2011)
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    Love maths? Help engage others with maths!

    Hexaflexagons. Vi Hart.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Re: General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2 I wish I did this years exam instead on 2011
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    Does anyone have a copy of the paper and could upload please?
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    B. Math/B. Science

    Yeah, but if you scroll down to requirements and structure, it only gives the bachelor of science and not the bachelor of maths.
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    B. Math/B. Science

    Does anyone know anything about this double degree? I checked the uni handbook but it doesn't give the program structure very clearly and how many units you do each semester and how many majors you can do in your bsci degree. Is it a worthwhile program? It is interesting, challenging, enjoyable?
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    Accelerated Subject HSC Results ?

    Don't stress, it's all fine. They will appear alongside your other ATAR included units in your letters next year. And on your actual Higher School Certificate, IPT will be listed.
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    Is this right?

    When the units were scaled, Ancient would have been greater than Music 1, hence it was included.
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    Bachelor of Medical Mathematics

    http://www.uow.edu.au/handbook/yr2012/ug/informatics/H12000100.html Does anyone know anything about this degree, what it would be like to study and the future job prospects it offers?
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    MX1 - 92 MX2 - 89 Very happy.
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    Maths was good. It's all over now.

    Maths was good. It's all over now.
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    Rate the Difficulty

    No worries.
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    Rate the Difficulty

    Hahaha, I wasn't serious by any means. Just rewording sarcastically the same question everyone around here seems to be asking, "WHAT IS THE CUT OFF FOR AN E4 !?!?!!111" When you ask it differently, somehow you can get a confident answer based on everyone saying, 'the exam was so hard' whereas if...
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    Rate the Difficulty

    Is is possible to extrapolate the data in the poll to the state cohort and hence, deduce the raw mark band cutoffs?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: holy fucking shit i might as well just die now. For those who thought it was a bad paper, it could be worse. You could have to sit next year's paper... with multiple choice.