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Recent content by DerivativeOfAzza

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    Chemistry Exam thoughts

    I got a number around 3. Idk if its right tho, but definitely a number much smaller than the original 12.1 value
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    Bio exam thoughts

    I found the exam alright, but the amount of marks given to the questions felt off. Like the comparison of marine and fresh water fish in terms urine concentrations.... for 4 marks. I felt that question should have been max 3 marks
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    is english standard tutoring necessary?

    I don't think its necessary to go weekly tutoring, but have someone who can check your essays and correct you.
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    Weekly study session at Hurstville Library?

    Is anyone interested in a weekly maths study session at Hurstville library? I am currently a year 11 student studying ext 1. Let me know when are the best times when you are available. So far, I suggest Mondays, Fridays at 4:30 till whenever or even the weekends. I have an older brother who...