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  • Well the assumed knowledge is 3 unit maths, which I already do. For Pharmacy, there's Chemistry, which I already do.

    What I don't know is which uni is better in terms of course quality for Biomedical Engineering. UNSW doesn't have Pharmacy, so there's only Usyd for that one.
    Haha I like to understand things. A mixture of (not too much) memorisation and application is why I like Physics and Chem the most. :)

    Lol why Usyd in particular?
    I dropped Bio mainly because I want to focus on Maths more. Both my maths and bio weren't as great as I wanted them to be, so I might as well concentrate on one. Although the topic of bio is interesting, I don't really like the course because it's 100% memorisation.

    I would like to go to USYD or UNSW (don't know which is better though).
    Aw lucky you lol, English is compulsory for me and I would want to drop it if possible and do bio instead.

    I like Chem and Physics the best.

    Lol I don't really have a number which I am determined to get. It's more like I'm aiming for all-rounders (although English is making this kinda hard). I just want to get high enough ATAR to get into Biomedical Engineering and/or Pharmacy. So that's maybe 97+
    Ooh hmm, I'm afraid the main problem there would be the fact that white tigers may be extinct by the time a successful method of cross-breeding a super large eagle and a small white tiger is invented. But nonetheless, okay. :)

    Btw your website has the most awesome animal drawings I've seen so far! Well done!
    I'm not sure about the exact course/job, but I am interested in something science-related, e.g. Pharmacy or Biomedical Engineering.
    Hi there - no, my signature is an image from a storyboard from the now-defunct live action movie for The Last Unicorn. Sadly it will not be made :(
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