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Recent content by Drdusk

  1. Drdusk

    BoS trials Maths and Chemistry 2021

    It’s a few select number of people not necessarily moderators. However Jazz519 writes the chemistry paper.
  2. Drdusk

    Complex Number Question

    Alternatively you could say for 14) that because z/(z-i) is real, \arg\bigg(\dfrac{z}{z-i}\bigg) = 0 \therefore \arg(z) - \arg(z-i) = 0 \Rightarrow \fbox{arg(z) = arg(z-i)} You could then argue that the above equality is only true if z does NOT have a real part, or of course if it's 0.
  3. Drdusk

    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Idk about the afternoon tea thing but definitely all schools who publish atars at some point have asked their students.
  4. Drdusk

    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Yeah what vishnay said. Same thing at my school we had a post Hsc afternoon tea session in which they gave everyone a sheet where you had the choice to write down your atar and hand it in.
  5. Drdusk

    Computer Science

    Yes of course and I definitely recommend it.
  6. Drdusk

    Computer Science

    I didn’t find the core courses difficult overall but they give tons of very difficult challenges and the end of exam questions are usually really rough for a lot of courses. Also if you do Cybersecurity there are some very very difficult courses you’ll have to do, but they’re also extremely...
  7. Drdusk

    Chocolate thread

    No tim tams are amazing. Those biscuits are amazing too. I love the mint chocolate ones.
  8. Drdusk

    Chocolate thread

    But it’s a chocolate ‘biscuit’ filled with chocolate. Doesn’t that just make it a chocolate. Imagine thinking the best chocolates are trash.
  9. Drdusk

    Chocolate thread

    The best chocolates are the following. Toblerone Kit Kat Ferrero Rocher Snickers Tim tam Cherry ripe I never liked Turkish delights either.
  10. Drdusk

    Chocolate thread

    Lindt and Cadbury are some of the worst chocolates.. just saying.
  11. Drdusk

    Chocolate thread

    These are HEAVENLY. Im having them right now with chai.
  12. Drdusk

    UTS engineering

    I’ve compared the equivalent courses between the two unis as I have a friend who goes to UTS. We both agreed that their coursework is less academically demanding. To give you an idea I’m doing a networking course this term and my friend at UTS is doing the exact same course. The program they...
  13. Drdusk

    Let's Talk Music

    Definitely the Music I see most people my age listen to is soo bad. Most of it is rap and it literally gives me a headache. These rap songs all have the same beat, lyrics filled with nothing but profanity and a voice that’s like 90% auto tune which in all makes it quite unpleasant to listen to...
  14. Drdusk

    We will be launching a new website!

    The old one had the same name but it was taken down. It looked quite a bit different to this.
  15. Drdusk

    Rank vs internal mark

    Yeah I did. I was in standard english and was ranked about 12th which basically means your getting a really low mark as the band 6 rate for Standard English is already like < 1% and I was at a school ranked in the 200s-300s. I had failed a task and gotten 60s in every other task but my final...