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Recent content by Drdusk

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    NESA approved calculators

    Why don’t you do it yourself...?? In any case I recommend the Casio fx 100AU-PLUS. It’s the most used one and also the best one imo.
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    Failed an exam. Help.

    Failing an exam is not the end of the world. You'll just have to do the best you can to make up for it in upcoming tasks ESPECIALLY the trials which are typically worth quite a lot. You should be aiming to get very good ranks for each of the following tasks, even if your mark itself is like 80%...
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    Become a researcher at a university?
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    Do employers care about anything in your school record other than academics?

    Lol what... My high school teachers talking about me: "This kid did absolutely jack in class. Played games and never did the homework. We do not recommend him"
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    2021 HSC Chat

    In hindsight I think the reason is that there's not that many teachers for the subject throughout the state and so you can't really have that many classes, so they select the people who have the highest chance of success out of the lot.
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    2021 HSC Chat

    My school also surprisingly had such kind of math requirements which meant almost all of our class did at least 3u maths. I find it highly unnecessary because there is literally no math in SDD. These kinds of requirements should be saved for University Computer Science.
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    2021 HSC Chat

    Software Design and Development. Sometimes it is not offered at schools that may be very low ranked, or have a very small cohort, or are a girls only school.
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    2021 HSC Chat

    Yeah your subjects are fine for a 90+. Do not worry about scaling it will take its course.
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    induction question

    \text{Prove} n(x+a)^{n-1} = \sum_{r = 0}^{n}r{n\choose r}x^{r-1}a^{n-r}
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    To all the people who have done the hsc or are in year 12 right now...

    Yeah but I feel for some people they just don’t have that drive to study hard because no matter what you do if you don’t have that desire to achieve your goal you can’t manufacture it artificially. I feel like it comes naturally when your goal is something that you really want. If you just can’t...
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    To all the people who have done the hsc or are in year 12 right now...

    Is this just for subjects you do not enjoy or even if you enjoy them? because if you like a subject you should enjoy studying it right?
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    Physics Question

    What help do you need if you already know how to do it?
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    Physics question

    Is there any more info to this? Or is this just it. I’m like half asleep but I think there’s not enough info in this.
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    UTS online lectures

    They better not do that at UNSW or else I'm gonna be pissed off.
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    Binomial Theorem Questions

    Take a look at the bos 3u trials in the resources section. You won’t find any questions harder than that.