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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    Thanks - yeah - I actually expected an ATAr of 99+ with those marks - but I guess Ancient didn't scale well. And Maths 4U did. There was someone in my year who got a premier's award AND a state ranking (7th) in the state for Ancient History. And she got an ATAR of 98.8. Oh well. I'm still very...
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    Post-exam reading

    Re-reading the Wheel of Time series. Best fantasy series ever written, in my opinion. I highly recommend it. Going to read "A Song of Ice and Fire" after that.
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    All-Round Achievers List

    Wow, 29 must be a record for my school! Very happy to be representing Fort Street High School. *bows*
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    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    98.65! Very pleased.
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    Share your 2011 HSC results here

    English Advanced: 94 English Extension 1: 46 Mathematics 2U: 92 Mathematics Extension 1: 45 French: 93 Biology: 92 Ancient History: 96
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    What Sub didnt count?

    For me, it was Mathematics 2U, even though I got a band 6 for it - and got a band 6 for Maths Extension. Interesting. I got a premier's award though.
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    School Rankings 2011

    YES!!!! My class brough Fort Street back into the top 10! I'm so proud! Take that, Sydney Grammer and Manly Selective!