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Recent content by Em7

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    Preliminary and HSC Tutoring

    Tutoring for those in junior school or currently doing preliminary I have recently completed my HSC and am looking to assist others through the process. I completed the subjects; advanced English (1st) extension English (1st) modern history (1st) extension history (1st) society and...
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    General Thoughts.

    It was declining because it had a percentage. Straight-line method takes off a fixed amount which we weren't given to take away
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    General Thoughts.

    It was overall pretty good. Not sure if that's because I didn't know what I was doing ;) hehe It seemed like a good combination of being difficult but not too much. Hopefully it wasn't easy for a bad reason.
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    General Thoughts.

    I'm pretty sure it did from memory
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    Raw Mark vs Alignment Mark Discussion

    I only had about 5, maybe 6 D's from memory. It worried me too in the beginning
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    Has anyone got the general mathematics solutions?

    Hopefully those are the solutions as it would mean that I actually did well ;)
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    Preliminary and HSC Tutoring

    I am offering tutoring at a cheap price. I completed my HSC this year - 2015 - and am willing to help current Preliminary and HSC students with their studies. The subjects that I completed and where I finished in them, are; - Advanced English (3rd) - Extension English (1st) - General Maths...
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Hi, I have just completed my HSC and am offering tutoring to anyone who would like it. The subjects I completed in the 2015 HSC are: - Advanced English - Extension English - General Maths - Modern History - PDHPE - Extension History - Society and Culture Cost is negotiable...