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  • No worries :)
    We already know who the best team is *wink wink* hahaha
    I'll be so very disappointed if it isn't epic lol
    Yes indeed, let the games begin!
    I'll definitely be watching, break from uni and no job make for great results haha
    Well yeah if you gotta get up early tomorrow, you should get some shut eye, don't want to shuffle into work like a zombie :D
    lol yeah he has fish eyes, but in our defence he doesn't even look Turkish haha
    Hope it doesn't turn into a boring match, Brazil vs Portugal was meant to be huge but yeah lol
    My countrymen in the German squad need my support :D
    Yeah I can't wait for tonights game! Hoping for an epic showdown, sorry I must say it, but go GERMANY!!! :)
    Yeah that is a good thing, but try to cheer up, remember that the Brits got through :D
    Are you upset about it? Im really glad Japan got through :D
    Im kinda saddened that the Kiwi's missed out...
    haha yeah too bad they couldn't win 5-1 :p
    Wow now i can't wait for the England-Germany match, should be spectacular :D
    haha okay gotcha ;) For me it's more efficient to use external hard drives (i download more movies than one could possibly imagine) lol
    now that's more like it! lol
    Yes go Australia go *even though it is very very very unlikely you will get through* haha
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