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  • OK, good to know. Congratulations on your awesome (97.15 ?) ATAR. You obviously deserved it and worked smart.
    Is this good ol' Ethan Mallabay (I know that's a typo) ? Probably not but meh tell me if it is wuldn't u
    oh niceeeee. My first preference is Commerce at UNSW. Hopefully stick with Actuarial studies (if not too hard) and finance majors. Combined law - which one??
    Hello :). What course are you looking to do at UNSW? BTW congrats on your ATAR and brilliant marks.
    I used to have you as a contact! and then you got suspended. Remember Milo? No? Never really said anything to you though.
    Hey aren't you that guy from Y!A, regular in R&S? I swear he had the same avatar as you have here and also his avatar name was Ethan. Are you?
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