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    Help!!!! Questions about Biology Assessment Task (Open-ended investigation)?

    Probably too late but for future reference the eucalyptus tree is an easy one to study
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    BoS Politics be like......

    I'm more right than left
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    Why doesn't UTS have any first year camps?

    I really can't stand societies or maybe i'm just a grump but the type of people in them tend to be the annoying in your face type people. All activities at UTS rely on these organisations so don't expect much - Unless you're in their pocket you're just another number they don't even want your...
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    UTS Chatter Thread

    My last semester was a pretty lazy one I didn't do as well as I wanted but then again I never failed anything either. I have notes I made for Haematology (which was my favourite subject) but I didn't make notes for Immunology, Molecular Biology and Metabolic Biochemistry purely because I had...
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    UTS Chatter Thread

    Happy to take questions anyone has regarding science subjects up to the end of 2nd year
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    Living Out of Home: Our Stories

    I've got a heap.. where do I begin... When I was in Newcastle I was sharing with 5 people and naturally the owner wanted to maximise rent so would reserve one room as a 'couple' room so that 5 people soon became 7 with 2 bathrooms (1 up stairs and 1 downstairs). In one room there was a Chinese...
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    Buying A Subaru around 10 years old with high km's on budget

    No I wouldn't touch one with over 100,000 - AWD is good for driving in snow? bullshit I have a 2009 Subaru AWD and it's just as horrible to drive in snow as any other car. The car you have now still runs don't waste your money on a stupid machine that only gets you from A to B especially when...
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    Essentials of Corporate Finance textbook

    Not sure why you would buy textbooks, I managed to get all 4 of mine free of charge. Nothing beats free
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    BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING OR MEDICAL SCIENCE? Career prospects? course difficulty?

    There are companies like Roche who supply all the machinery to labs around the country, so I wouldn't go around saying there are 'no jobs'
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    James Ruse 2015 Jerseys

    Is this school Asian only or some shit
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    Biochemistry/chemistry and plants

    This sounds like a very difficult field to gain work in, All I can think of is hoping to get a job at a university. If you're interested in Medical Biochemistry there are job prospects but I don't think it's the reality you're visualising..
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    Show me your art

    Share your artwork here for genuine feedback, I'm interested in seeing oil/acrylic/pencil/charcoal work as this is something I can offer honest feedback on.
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    Official UON Subject Review Thread

    Most other sections have one of these threads for subject reviews so in light of that let's start one for UON. I have 8 subjects to review when I get around to it so stand by.. I've personally found these threads extremely helpful when beginning a new semester with new subjects so i'll gladly...
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    Is the University of Newcastle a good uni?

    Ignore the comments above, no one gives two shits where you get your degree from as long as you have one. I've done a year of Business at Newcastle and have friends who graduated from Business one easily found a job in Sydney afterwards. Don't waste your money on UNSW the cost of going there +...
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    The Official UTS Subject Reviews Thread (Table of Contents on First Post)

    Statistical Design and Analysis Subject Number: 33116 Faculty: Faculty of Science Semester: Autumn 2015 Ease: 8/10 - Pretty straight forward subject, keep up with the lectures and tutorials and you will be fine. The biggest tip I was given by the lecturer was to think of it as analysis more...