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  • hello, gemma, crystal and marissa
    thankyou for considering our tutoring. I will get back to you ASAP as soon as I can confirm an available tutor for you. How far into Marcarthur are you, we have some tutors located on the East Hills train line which may be able to get to you.
    me and two of my friends life in the macarthur region and are interested in a tutor for chemistry. we are capable students and we do know our stuff we just arent confident in our knowledge.

    we would like a tutor who based sessions around the BOS dot points and helped work on calculations and answering exam questions.

    we understand that prices may go up as we live further away and just enquiring as to how much that would be ?

    if you feel you can help please feel free to email me at

    gemma, crystal, marrissa
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